Designed for those who appreciate good bourbon, The 1845 Experience will explain the magic of its production. @1845BourbonMayor will explain the process from grain selection and fermentation, to distillation, and final barrel selection.

We’ll start in the Barrel Barn where he will guide you through a tasting of bourbon straight from the barrel. Then we’ll tour the distillery and explain the distillation process.

We’ll end in the Tasting Room where our Staff will offer samples of the finished products and help select the best bourbon for you to add to your collection.

We start promptly on the hour, so please plan to arrive a few minutes early. Limited to ten folks per tour.

In accordance with insurance requirements, everyone must be 21 or older to tour.

You’ll have time for tastings at both the Distillery and Wine Bars when the tour concludes.

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We are located at 2070 S. Bridgefarmer Rd., Lowry Crossing, TX 75069.

From Downtown Mckinney:  Take Highway 5 south to Harry McKillop Blvd (Hwy 546).  Turn left on Harry McKillop (Hwy 546).  Turn left on Bridgefarmer Rd.  We will be about .75 miles up on the left.

From Dallas:  Take 75N to 121 East.  Continue on 121 East to Harry McKillop Blvd (Hwy 546).  Turn right on Harry McKillop (Hwy 546).  Turn left on Bridgefarmer Rd.  We will be about .75 miles up on the left.


Family-owned and operated artisan distillery located in Lowry Crossing, Texas.

In 1836, the new Republic of Texas instituted a policy of distributing public lands to encourage settlement. In 1845 the Republic of Texas passed the Preemption Act thus creating “Preemption Grants”. In early December 1845, the land the Distillery is built upon received it’s preemption grant from the Republic. Later that month, in December 1845, the Congress of Texas voted to join the United States of America, making 1845 the last year of the Republic of Texas.

1845 Distilling Company is named in honor of those early Texans who sacrificed to make a better life for their family and to celebrate the last year Texas was an independent country. Between 1846 - 1898 the State of Texas continued issuing preemption grants to early Texas settlers. In 1860, the ancestors of our Distiller received their preemption grant from the State of Texas. His family still owns the original homestead. Many relatives have been born on that property. His Grandmother, now in her 90’s, still lives on that land and operates the Family ranch. With the birth of the next generation, their roots are now eight generations Texas strong. 

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